Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When dinosaurs roamed the Earth...

Remember dial tones? Remember knowing when a call was over or a connection was broken because suddenly you were hearing a humming sound?

Remember answering the phone while not knowing who was calling? Remember having to tell the person you were calling who you were? Remember *69?

Remember thinking carefully about making long-distance calls because they cost a lot of money? Remember getting out of talking to your mom so damn much for the same reason?

Remember when phones were phones and cameras were cameras? Those sepia-toned days when it would never occur to you have a conversation along the lines of: "I wish I could get a picture of this!" "No problem! I've got my phone!"

Someday I'm going to tell Buddy and Bear about twisted coiled cords, staying at home in anticipation of an important call, busy signals, ring tones that were, of all things, and actual bell inside the phone actually ringing, and a better time when nobody knew the importance of being able to type with your thumbs.

They won't believe a word of it.

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